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Ode to Pulled Pork

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Oh Pulled Pork sandwich, how I adore thee….

Seriously, I have a ham hock shaped hole in my heart for Pulled Pork. It comes in different types (Carolina Style all vinegary, Texas style with thick sweet smoky BBQ among the most common) and I like them all. I couldn’t pick just one style that I like best, and I can’t help but ordering one when I see it on the menu.

Luckily the Universe was looking out for me, at my new job, right next door is sandwich shop that makes Pulled Pork sandwiches!! Complete with coleslaw topping! Happiness. Kismet. Pulled.Pork.

***Update: I guess I am not the only person looking for Pulled Pork in Singaproe, because this post comes up a lot in Google searches, so in fairness and to spread the love, here’s where I got this yummy guy, Simply Sandwich, I go to the one on Robinson Rd.



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  1. We’ll be thinking of you when we enjoy Mom’s pulled pork in Deep Creek! We’ll miss you, but on the other hand, there will be lots more pork leftovers this year for the rest of us 🙂 mmmm…..


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