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There’s a retail store in Little India called ‘Mustafa’; how to describe this store is pretty much impossible but here I go…..

It’s located in Little India which is the most frenetic neighborhood in S’pore – this is no coincidence.  This mega store takes up about an entire block, never closes, and carries EVERYTHING under the sun.  We first heard about this place and visited when we were still staying in the hotel back in April.  We wanted to visit little India and had heard mention of Mustafa and figured, let’s take a look.  I like to have a mission when shopping…. I’m not a big browser, so I said let’s buy toothpaste.

Ryan and I approach one of the several entrances and walk in.  First, there is security posted at every door; not typical in S’pore.  Then we noticed the shelves full of perfume… old brands, new brands, old spice next to Bulgari next to polo, next to Versace…  then we turned the corner and were in another small square area (defined by shelves not walls) this place had deoderants and shaving creams, then we meandered some and ran accross the food section, frozen, fresh, canned, packaged, bottled….  El Pasa brand salsa beside the freezer full of frozen ready to cook Indian breads.  There is a gold floor (yes gold) so if you need to pick up some deoderant and a necklace that even Cleopatra would consider ‘too much’, you can do it at Mustafa.  The floor below the gold is electronics, which is beside the watches and textiles…  The store is crowded, the aisles are small – it can be a test of patience but the convenience of having so much at one place is a draw.

We found toothpaste, I opted for the safe choice of Colgate and we left.

Two months later – we’ve been to Mustafa probably three other times (and we still haven’t happend accross the food section again; I’d like to try those breads…) and this time I drag Ryan there b/c I need a Visa.  Yes, along with everything else, the High Commission of India, has stopped taking entrance visa application directly and has authorized Mustafa to accept the applications and process them with the Indian government.  I’m heading to India to see Annette and Alma in July ( a quick three day trip) but you still need a visa and the most convenient way to get one is via Mustafa.  While there getting my visa, Ryan says… I need a few tassles for a presentation board…  Mustafa didn’t dissapoint; there were not one, but two dispays of tassles.

For a glimpse of the chaos visit their website:


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  1. Wow, much easier to get a visa to India in Singapore than in the US! Yippee on getting your visa!


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