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How you do say Hola in Singlish?

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One of the things I did not know I was going to miss until I saw that we had it here in Singapore, was Tex-Mex. Chips, salsa, Margarita’s= heaven. Actually that’s about all I need from Tex Mex to be happy. I like the fajitas, the enchiladas, the burritos, sure, but it’s the chips and salsa that always bring me back for more.

Luckily, Singapore provides.

We ventured out to Dempsey Road to La Salsa for dinner. Dempsey Road is over in the Expat part of town, and this little area was like a mini shopping mall. Lots of different restaurants, shops, and buildings clustered together. The one thing we thought was funny is that you can tell it was built for well off people, because throughout the complex there were no sidewalks. It was all a series fo parking lots and the main road in had just a little side-walk on one side. Because really, who would walk if  can drive?

Anyway, it was not too bad. You have to pay for the chips and salsa (scandal!) but they were tasty, as was the drink. I had some very nice fajitas and all in all dinner was a success. There’s a couple more places around town to check out. Good to know I can go someplace to get my fix….


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  1. Barbara Mullenex

    I love reading the blog. It is like myown personal travel show.
    Actually, I think you should send this to the FoodNetwork- you guys are clearly eating your way around Singapore and you might as well have a TV show.
    Maybe it could be a reality food show – Kind of Anthony Bourdain crossed with Real Housewive of New York???????
    Thanks for keeping in touch, for eating eyeballs and dyed chicken for me, and sharing your adventures!


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