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Let’s blame the British for my Death, shall we?

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Because really, it’s their fault.

Many years ago, before most of us were around, the Brits came upon ol’ Singapore and set up a colony. Things seemed to go pretty well, until people decide they wanted some independence (how cheeky!) and they kicked the Brits to the curb. Alas, the Brits left behind a few of their quirks (like calling Cookies, Biscuits)…people drive on the wrong side of the road here. Which is to say, the opposite side from the USA.  So, why is that a big deal you ask? You don’t have a car do you Ryan? Not driving around town to run errands really are we? This is all true but, we do walk a lot.

The next time you go to cross the road, which way to do you look first? I mean I KNOW you look both ways like Mom told you, but which do you look first? Go ahead, go take a walk and come back to me. If you are like Paul and I, you look left first. Because that’s the direction of oncoming traffic right? (I mean correct?) So, as we stroll about this town, cross various streets what do we do? Vaguely check for traffic, then look left and start to cross. Only that’s not the correct way is it? Thanks to the Brits, on coming traffic is from the RIGHT, which aft 30 something odd years of looking to the left, is a hard thing to get used to.

So, we often find ourselves looking left, crossing, and the realizing half way in the middle of the street that we totally did not look RIGHT first and therefore could end up at the pearly gates thus cutting our adventures in Singapore rather short.

And why is this? Because the British were here. They came, they saw, they left a few quirks behinds, and now we are dealing with the consequences. God Save the Queen is taking on a whole new meaning when we go to cross the road………


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  1. And you wonder why I insist on picking the restaurants when we dine out together!!!

  2. Maxine Tircuit

    careful – your British Granny will be pulling your toes tonight for talking unkind about the Brits!!!!


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