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Fish, veggies, and BLACK chickens

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Plus, a helpful pictogram that shows the way to “Turtles, eels, and frogs”…..

Ah a trip to the Market.  We’re trying to do a little more cooking, it can’t be hawker food every night right?

We headed out to the big Chinatown wet market since we had some errands in that area anyway. We have a smaller wet market next to us as well, though we have yet to check it out much. We’ve gotten lots of fruits thus far, but have not gone over to get any meats just yet. Now that we have our pots and pans, I am sure that will change.

Tonight we are attempting BBQ chicken, in the oven with home-made BBQ sauce (Recipe from the Washington Post). So, off to the market to get some chicken. Next to the standard chicken is this….thing. A Black Chicken. Like a regular chicken, but dipped in black ink. Since it’s Asia, I thought perhaps Squid Ink? Luckily, nothing so exotic. It’s a breed called a Silkie…and it seems that beneath their fluffy feathers, there is a dark blue/black skin. The NY Times even did a write-up on them:

How Chic. We will of course be heading back shortly to grab one and give it a whirl.

Aside from that the market was the usual controlled chaos that we come to know and love (or at least be amused by.) So many fish types, huge, colorful fish. As we have established I don’t love fish, but they are amazing looking at the market. There also tons of different types of greens, the typical veggies, and for the most part friendly vendors who were happy to help us with our grocery list.


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