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Mittenz vs. the Pigeons

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For those of you worried, fear not, Mittenz is settling in nicely to his new digs. It took about two weeks for him to set up a new routine, but he seems to be getting along just fine. He’s taking to stalking the pigeons that hang our outside ledges with great interest. Depending on the room he has different views to get to them. He seem to like the extra bedroom best, the windows there go to the ground so he has a clear view of them. If one lands in the living room window he darts across the room and jumps onto a box to try to get it, making this strange meow/ack/cry and rapidly swishing his tail back and forth like he’s having  seizure. It’s both funny and disturbing at the same time.

Alas, the pigeons seem to be mocking him sometimes as you can see the photos above….poor guy, so near, and yet so far.

Here he is in action:


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  1. All that tail-wagging–more evidence that Mittenz is really a dog.

  2. So glad that he is betting settled in.


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