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The future’s so bright

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But I am the only one wearing shades.

We’ve exited the rainy season is seems. It was a subtle change, but the afternoon rains just sort of….stopped. The temps have remained the same, but no more rain.

Instead we have lots of sun. Bright, cloudless sky sun. It’s all very pretty, but man is it bright. Luckily I brought along shades right?

I put on said shades and head to work in the morning, and notice something odd… one else is wearing sunglasses.

I pass maybe 5 people between my house and work wearing sunglasses. And it’s crazy bright outside. I feel like they all know something I don’t, which in all fairness is entirely possible.

In any event, it’s bright out there, so this kid needs his shades. I’ll just pretend it makes me looks like a celebrity.


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  1. Crystal Kelley

    I love your writing. Do you think not wearing sunglasses is a cultural thing?


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