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My first business trip – Hong Kong.

I left Singapore for our Corporate Headquarters in Hong Kong on Tuesdya 17 May  for a four night three day induction / orientation with Mandarin Oriental HQ.  Firstly, leaving and entering S’pore is easy now that we are residents – scan passport and scan your fingerprint and viola – you’ve made it thru immigration line at Changi Airport!  Super fast and efficient… I would expect nothing less.

Upon landing in HK (fligth is only 3 hours 45 min) I noticed something missing…. hmmmm after stepping outside I realized a noticable lack of humidity 🙂 45 minutes later the shuttle arrived at the hotel (Excelisor) and I was in my room enjoying the view of the harbor.   Three days of training and introductions lay ahead….  I didn’t have much time to see the city but the area around the hotel was VERY reminiscent of NYC… lots of neon, tall buildings, and crowded sidewalks. Should we ever need a New York fix and don’t have the $ or the time off to travel 24 hours we’ll head to HK.

The photos below give an indication of the city –

We did have some amazing lunches at our hotels in the city and I must say that my new hotel group really knows food!  Yummy roasted chicken and pork and awesome dumplings of all varieties (especially a tasty sweet one of red bean paste and cashews).  Because I was meeting with ‘corporate’ I didn’t take any photos of the food… sorry!  I guess that means we need to go back for a weekend leisure visit.


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  1. Thanks for the post, Paul! I enjoyed my five minute trip to Hong Kong w/out getting up off the couch 🙂

  2. What memories you are having. There is definetly a little NYC flare to HK.


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