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There’s no carrot in carrot cake

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It’s true, there’s isn’t.

Carrot cake in Singapore is a Hawker dish made of white radish stir fried with egg and spring onions to make one tasty dish.

How do I know this? Well aside from the fact that I have had some, I also have this handy (super handy!) book called “There’s no carrot in carrot cake” by Ruth Wan and Roger Hiew.

For example here’s what they say about Carrot  Cake:

“This is not the sweet carrot-laden desert of Western origin. In fact, there are no carrots in local Carrot Cake. Instead this savoury dish is made by steaming grated white radish (also known as white carrot in Chinese) and rice flour till a coagulated shape is achieved. The cake is then broken into chunks and stir-fried till slightly charred. Egg, soya sauce, white pepper and chili sause are added, with spring onions serving as garnish.

You can order Carrol cake “white” or “black”. The blackened version is generously doused with a thick dark sweet soya sauce, while the white version contains only a sprinkling of the sauce. Carrot Cake is a popular dish for sharing with friends. It can be eaten for breakfast, as a snack or as part of a dim sum spread.”

And it’s true. The dish is delish, and I like the black version best, (insert joke here about once you go black….)

It’s a simple, easy to read guide to Hawker food. It’s a bible. It’s great. And we have a copy.

When you come to visit, you can borrow it.


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  1. thanks for all the info. I can picture the crowd walking down the street. I feel like I’m with you.


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