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It's an old joke, but really, we call this Bait, not Food.

I want to be open-minded about food, but some of this stuff is just pushing my limits. My Southern roots simply do no understand why you would prepare fish to taste well…..fishy. It needs some spice, a sauce, and/or deep-frying, something. Just dried, salty fish all briny and awkward, well it just won’t do.

I had Korean the other night. It was OK. I can handle a little Kimchi, but one of the condiments was this bowl of little dried fish. Hand to God, they looked like minnows you would see in a ditch back home. I tried one. Ewwww. I’ll know better next time.


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  1. Len, who SAYS he’s from the South, had never heard the term Hand to God. And he calls himself a Southerner. PALEESE!


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