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The Joy of Business Class

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My trip started at the Changi Airport, where scattered around are these lovely, just lovely, free foot massagers. Seriously, you can just walk up, slip off your shoes, put your feet in the machine and…..sigh. Foot massage. So nice.

We had an early morning flight, so this was a least a nice way to start the day before traveling 6 hrs to Beijing, then another 1.5 hrs to Ordos. Our total travel time was about 12 hours. We left Singapore at 8ish, landed in Ordos around 8ish.

Then I had a pleasant surprise, a little thing called Business Class. Sublime. Divine. Resplendent. Transcendent. Can you tell it was my first time flying this way?

Turns out my company flies all it’s staff Business Class when traveling to China for business. For this trip there were 7 of us. Business Class for Singapore Airlines, First Class for China Air.

Who am I to argue? Wide leather seats, space to stretch out my legs, wine, good food, a TV with on demand movies. It’s how traveling should be. How will I ever go back?


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  1. Seriously hating you now….

  2. It is SO hard to go back. You find yourself looking for new jobs just so that you can fly business class again! Did you get pyjamas?

  3. Save your miles and pennies so you can upgrade on the 12 flight back to the states. 🙂


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