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Chinese food, or as the locals call it, Food.

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Of course, no trip would be complete without photos of all the yummy food I ate. There was TONS of fish. Really BIG fish too. Served whole, head and tail attached. Everything was put out on lazy susans and you just picked what you could with your chopsticks as it came around. The food was quite good, I did not starve by any stretch and there was always something ordered I could eat. I missed Diet Coke dearly, but what can you do. I had some amazing pork with green onions and garlic that was just super tasty. The big fish were a firm white fish, simply prepared. I could have gone for more spice, but it was OK. Our host (the client) ordered for us at all the meals, and he always ordered TONS of food. We never finished everything, I felt bad seeing all the food go to waste. Of course being China there’s a protocol for everything about toasting, where to sit and such. I still have lots to learn, but being so far from the big cities, the client was very relaxed. I thought one of most interesting things was that when eating the fish, they had the bones in them. Where we would daintly pull them from our mouth and set them on the plate, our Chinese hosts would just lean over the table and spit them out….that was different. I understand the other big dish in the area is Goat. We made sure to mention that next time we come back, we’ll have to have some roasted goat. They said that sounded like a great idea. Also no one seemed to use cloth napkins at the restaurants. They would just put out paper napkins on the lazy susan that you would pull from as needed.


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  1. mom mccusker

    maybne I can pick out one of these dishes and make it for deep creek. OK mom


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