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While not a completely different experience than one would expect at a hair salon, there was one aspect of note.  Per usual, I sit in the chair and the stylsist asks how I’d like it cut, I tell him it’s been about 4 weeks and he says ‘same cut just make it neat’.  I’m happy that his English skills were highly proficient, I don’t need a major mistake 🙂  He then says, let’s wash your hair.  He disapears around the corner and shows up with a sqeeeze bottle of water and a handfull of shampoo.  Since I’m still at his cutting station I start to get up to go to the sink… he says – ‘don’t get up’.  Then he puts the shampoo on my head and squeezes some water on my hair and starts to wash my hair.  He’d add a little water and lather and then add a little more water etc….  Strange but true.  It was a nice relaxing way to end a long work week.  Now off to Dim Sum with a coworker of Ryans….


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  1. How did it not drain down the collar of your shirt??

  2. hee hee. everything’s just a wee bit different in Singapore…

  3. and no picture of the new “do” ? lol


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