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The Wedding District

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I’m always amazed how big cities develop ‘districts’ where ,merchants get together and all offer similar items/services. NYC does it best, the meatpacking District, the garment district, the flower district, ect. I always think, why would I want to set up shop selling the same thing as the guy next door? But it works somehow. I guess when you have that many people to serve in one city there’s plenty of business to go around. We’ve noticed similar groupings here in Singpoare. Which brings us to Tanjong Pagar, our new neighborhood. Just down the street on Tangjong Pagar Street is as best we can tell a Wedding Dress District. This road connects us to Chinatown, so we walk down it quite a bit. It’s a lovely street, lined with Shophouses that have a few pubs, a lot of Korean BBQ places, misc retail, and on one side, Wedding Dress shops. A lot of them. I mean, really, a lot. Clearly we, we have no need for a wedding dress, but it makes for an interesting walk to pass by the windows.


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  1. I would love to see someone wearing that extremely poofy one!


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