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Indian anyone?

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Paul and I seem to have decided that we prefer Indian food over Chinese food thus far. It’s not that the Chinese is bad per se, but’s to us it’s not as accessible as the Indian. Maybe we have just be ruined by American Chinese food. Compared to what we are seeing here, American Chinese food is looking like the TGI Fridays of real food. I find there’s too much fishiness to some of the dishes, there’s a lot of dried shimp paste used, which I don’t like. We’ve found some good things, but nothing as tasty, spicy, memorable, and crave inducing as the Indian we have had. We’ll continue to give it our best shot, of course, but in the mean time it’s good to know we can always get something tasty to eat at any of the many Indian places around here.

We (me) were a little tired of Hawker adventures this week, so Friday night I requested a sit down, air-conditioned spaced, dining experience. We ventured over to Little India (just a short walk to the MRT, then a few stops away) to try Mustard. It proved to be a great choice. We found rum and cokes (for me) and Gin and Tonic (for Paul) for $10. Off to a good start. We ordered lamb chops, chana, garlic nann, and riata. Everything was delish! These lamb chops were meaty and fell off the bone. Best part, they had a great Indian flavor, but it was not so strong that you could not taste the lamb. (can something have Lambniess to it? if so, the chops had good Lambniess to them )

Price tag, $70 SGD.


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  1. Wow – I am jealous of the yummy Indian food you’ve been enjoying. It all looks delicious!!

  2. I miss Indian food. Not really much of a choice here in Flag….Also ethiopian–I recall the yummy ethiopian Paul introduced me to in DC many years back. Found a good one in Tucson, but 4 hr drive for food not really practical…..However we do have many delish mexican food choices
    Miss you! Havin shrimp/risotto for dinner tonite-Dan Thomas style.

  3. I am finally up to date with your adventures and have thoroughly enjoyed every single post – thank you so much for taking the time to share all this with us. However I feel I’ve gained a couple pounds just reading about all this awesome food! Miss you and good luck with your trips to Far Far Away 🙂


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