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Clarke Quay

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Last weekend we went to Clarke Quay (pronounced Key) for dinner. This is a strip of places along the river. We knew it might be a little pricey, but we just got paid finally and decided to indulge. That was a mistake. We had Chinese. $18 for a Singapore Sling. Tasted like Kool Aid. We ordered pepper shrimp and fried scallops, plus wonton apps and a side of rice. Paul had a glass of wine. The portions were small, the taste was good, but common, and the bill was $130SGD. Yikes. That’s a lot of money for a pretty ordinary tasting meal. Later that weekend we went to an Indian place, in Little India, and had delish chicken curry, dal, garlic nann, and rice for about $40SGD. Much better tasting, and much friendlier to the wallet.

I will say that we saw that Clarke Quay was a tourist trap in hindsight AND since we are now “locals” rather than tourists, we know better not to go back. Lessons learned. I think that’s actually the first time since we’ve been here that I really feel we were ripped off by the price. For the most part we’ve been doing OK with sticker shock compared to prices back home.


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