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Where excatly is Mongolia?

This question is important because at 5:30PM on Friday, I was asked (told? invited?) if I wanted to go there for a meeting at the end of next week. The answer, of course, was yes. There’s a line from the movie Heathers, Christian Slater says “Well, F!#K me gently with a chainsaw” That was the second thought that popped into my head.

Never in a million years did I think I would be going to Inner Mongolia to work on a resort project, just 4 weeks after packing up my life to move to Singapore.

It’s all very exciting and mind-boggling.

So the back story is that this week I was assigned as lead designer for two projects. One is in Thailand. Yes I am going to be visiting Bangkok shortly as well. The other is a desert resort in Mongolia. I can’t say much about the projects, but I’m very excited and thrilled to be given the opportunity to work on them. This is what I signed up for, the chance to work on great projects in far away lands.

Paul and I both got very lucky with our new jobs (at least in Theory). We are both with luxury brands now, and that’s not something we have much experience in just yet. Our jobs will (again, in Theory) open up a lot of new opportunities to us in the future which is very exciting.

In the mean time, I’m told to be ready for roasted goat, a really nice shearling blanket, and some fun times at this desert location where we are building the property. Of course at the moment, it’s just a site. Which means it’s not resort like at all. I’ll send pics of the goat.

FYI, here’s some info on Mongolia, after you read it, send me the Cliff Notes version.


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  1. Looking at Mongolia on my globe it seems to be the Michigan of Asia – distance from the equator that is. Southern Mongolia is the same latitude as Detroit. But don’t despair – it’s finally spring here – upper 60s today!


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