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I’d like to take minute to think back to a distant and far-away place called Washington DC. My nice tidy life there, where I knew the rules (for the most part) and could go about my life with ease (for the most part). My last project there was to re-design the Red Roof Inn in Chinatown DC into a Fairfield Inn and Suites. I was very fortunate to work withe great clients, a great team, and some great folks at the Marriott office. The result was a very fun, thematic design with custom lights, custom carpet, custom casegoods, and the chance to really have some fun. Did I mention I designed “leather corsets” with Asian style fasteners for the lobby columns? Not often you get to say that…..

Before I left I did a quick interview with a local blog called DCMud. The writer was a very nice woman named Beth, and she really enjoyed learning about the project. The project was published this week:

The client had some nice things to say about the project as well which is always great:

“This is a unique hotel,” said RLJ Development, LLC’s Carl Mayfield, senior vice president for design and
construction, speaking to the company’s catalogue of 141 properties. “It’s transformational. We’ve got a few gems in our portfolio, and this is one of  them.”

I got in some quotes as well which is quite nice. It wa a fun project and a nice way to end my time at my old firm.


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  1. Congratulations, Ryan! That’s a fantastic article and you’re quoted throughout. It’s really beautiful – I can say I knew you when…


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