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Mittenz has landed

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One of the first things he found

Today at roughly 11AM, Mittenz was delivered to our house. He’s a little thinner, but otherwise seems A-OK. He spent his time pacing the apartment like Mike the Tiger does (or I guess any Big Cat that you see at the zoo) exploring his new digs. He’s purring like a chainsaw (as St. David would say) and sitting here on the sofa with us. He’s so happy (I assume) to be back with his people, that’s he can’t sit still. As expected he’s very lovey, sitting on us, rubbing against us, and demanding that we scratch his ears.


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  1. YIPPIE! The whole family is together again! Get that guestroom ready! I am comming on over!

  2. I am so relieved…. yay mittenz


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