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For today’s adventure, we reverted to our old Sunday routine…. brunch and a movie.  My sister, Helen, emailed me an excerpt from a cooking light magazine about a hawker stall in Tiong Bahru that served Lor Mee noodles.  Considering that we’ve been eating well (really well) I thought this might be a suitable choice of lunch for a change….  As we arrived at the hawker center and made our way thru the crowd, I saw a large queue for the Lor Mee 178 and knew that Helen had steered us to a yummy destination.  Urban legend has it that if there is a line at a hawker stall, the food is really good and the line always grows because if there is a line the food must be good….  The little old man waiting alongside me confirmed this to be true as he said ‘long line, the dish must be good’.  The Lor Mee noodle was indeed tasty but,  alas, not what one would expect from ‘cooking light’.  Lor Mee 178 makes only Lor Mee  which is an egg noodle in a thick brown gravy with fish cake – but there are two options plain or with fried shark nuggets….  EVERYONE was getting the nuggets and who am I to argue with such a foodie culture…. it was indeed delicious. Thanks Helen!


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  1. Hey folks, Check out the Singapore Art Museum. They have a show going on right now called Negotiating Home, History and Nation: Two decades of contemporary art in Southeast Asia 1991 – 2011, work by fifty-four seminal artists from six Southeast Asian countries. This extensive two-decade survey gives audiences the opportunity to form a cogent picture of the common threads linking recent Southeast Asian art practices.
    Hope you get to see it.

  2. I feel so special to be mentioned in the blog! I am glad you liked the lor mee – I hope I can try it some day!

  3. I am getting hungry reading this… That’s no ramen, but hey, close enough!

  4. That’s pretty cool because in the States long lines just aggravate people.


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