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Cable TV in Singapore is a bit lacking….very limited selection. Enter Netflix. But Netflix online can only be played from with the US. Newsflash to yours truly, the Internet knows what Country you are in. Did you know that? Pretty strange.

Anyway, when you try to access Netflix from Singapore you get a message that you are outside the US of A and are not allowed to watch. BOO!!!! Luckily some other Expats have had the same issue and found that if you use what’s called a VPN, you can mask your country ID (for security reasons) and then are able to watch Netflix. Praise Jesus! So, we pay 7.99 for Netflix online + about $10/month for the VPN service we get TV on demand from Netflix, plus all the movies they have online. It’s limited at the moment, but it’s a fast growing selection. Torchwood, Dr. Who, and most recently Thrid Rock from the Sun have kept us plenty entertained. Fingers crossed, it seems like a pretty cool deal. The system also works for Hulu, but it can be more buggy than Netflix. Still, a kid needs his Glee fix….we’ll see how it goes.

We’ve got the VPN set up on both our iPads and the laptop. It’s been really nice to take the iPad to bed to watch, or relax on the couch. It’s pretty wild technology, this idea of watching what you want, where you want, all without wires.


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  1. Maxine Tircuit

    I love this – think ya’ll should keep it up fairly regularly so that we will know what ya’ll are doing, and letting us live vicariously through your adventures.
    Glad ya’ll are happy.

  2. I was thinking about you as we were watching Glee and wondering how you were going to solve the problem of missing new shows. Glad to see you figured it out!


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