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no that kind, but instead Ministry of Manpower….

One must visit MOM in order to get an Employment Pass (a work Visa). It’s a pretty easy process, you employer submits the paper work, you go there when you land, have your fingerprints taken, submit a passport photo, and go back in a few days and get your card. The card assigns you a FIN (Foreign Identification Number) which is a critical item to have for just about everything, a phone, gas service, an apartment, oh yeah, and to work and get money. Things went pretty smoothly except they rejected my passport photo I had taken in the states, luckily they had a place right next door MOM that could get new ones for you. Then it happened. MOM doesn’t allow ear rings in the photos. Men or Women. It seem MOM has done what Mom could not, I had to take my ear-ring out…..sadness.

But, oh well, to everything a season, and it had a good run. I got it when I first moved to DC, it’s been in for about 9 years or so now. I guess as I grow up and start spending more face time with clients I need to look a little respectble…a little.

Pssst. MOM, I still have the tatoos  though….


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