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Buddha tooth temple

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Buddha tooth temple

We’ve visited Buddha tooth temple many times, it’s a great place to visit with guests. For the firs time we found out you can go to the upper levels and on the roof is small, but nice garden. In the center is a very large prayer wheel, which you turn. I got lucky and snapped a pic of the little girl both praying, and I suspect, having a little fun in the process :)

Guest from DC

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Our friend Tako paid us a visit last week. He was on his way to Burma and stopped off for a visit. As always, what do we do with guests? We feed them…We took the tour around the downtown and settled into some chicken rice (for lunch) and Chili Crab (for dinner) Good times as always. But no fishead curry this time…Tako, you’ll have to pay us another visit.

Hot weather, spicy food.

Hot weather, spicy food.

There’s are reason they are called unmentionables….

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Hello kids! How are things out there? We are back from a quick trip to Bangkok where we took a walking food tour (yummy!), saw a fantastic new mall design and in general ate lots of great food and had some laughs.

As you may, or may not, know, I’m not one to be bashful about many things….but on this recent trip I realized I do have a minor modesty hangup!

As we wandered about the street markets I must confess I  was embarrassed ( confused? amused?) by all the underwear displays at the market! I have no idea why, but the idea of standing on the street to buy some undies while all these people are walking around, and they are not even in a discrete box, totally made me blush!!!

I mean, they are just stacked up in all shapes and sizes:

download (30)

I did not take that picture, but it’s just like this at all the markets.

So, while out looking for a bag for Paul I forced myself to buy some from the market. I picked out a pair of “Calvins” and the girl hands me an XXL large pair! I said no, I’m not that big, no sir kha, you are kha, trust me kha (Thai women end everything with the word ‘Kha”). She grabs a measuring tape and measures me by wrapping her arms around my waist and then measures the Calvin’s, and says kah, this size kha. All this in the middle of the market. Mortified.Luckily it was Sunday morning, and there was not much foot traffic at this location.

So now that’s ticked off the list of experiences. Buy undies from a Thai girl from a market while people wander about behind me….check!


Rain is an understatement

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It’s rainy season around here. BIG thunderstorms seem to come from nowhere and then disappear just as quickly with little trace they passed thru. It’s the strangest thing, big, big downpours that last for about 2 hours with dark, dark skies, but 2 hours later, the streets are dry and the sun is a full strength, you would never know it had been raining so heavily.

My little rooster

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Every day  I usually walk home from the office. I pass by this Hindu temple that keeps a chicken and rooster on the grounds. They always give me a little delight when I pass by them, very pretty colors on both them and the temple.


New art

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I’m super happy to have gotten this new art piece from an artist here in Singapore. Her name is Deborah McKellar and she’s the artist behind Talking Textiles ( She’s made a series of amazing blocks and that she then prints onto pillows, tea towels, old tea crates, and canvases. I’m not sure if you will be able to tell in the photo, but each of the patterns (the bowls, the shop house, the bird,ect) are blocks that are coated with a color and then pressed onto the canvas. The result is a contemporary take on old Singapore imagery which I loved. I was introduced thru a friend right before we went to the USA. I had been thinking and thinking about her work, and it just so happened that the same friend introduced Deborah to a co-worker of mine for a potential project. When my co-worker was going to visit the studio during the week,  I decided to play a little hookie for a short visit to go to the studio as well. Lesson learned kids, sometimes it pays to play hookie! The piece I got was going to part of an upcoming show, but I saw it and decided it was time to take the plunge and just buy it, so now it’s mine, all mine! (er, ours if Paul is reading this). Now we just have to find a wall to put it on…..

talking textiles art

USA- Deep Creek

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The last part of our vacation was spent in Deep Creek Md, with Paul’s family. It’s always a treat to see the family in Deep Creek. It’s a great house near the lake, and the week is spent playing games, eating smores, swimming in the lake, playing cornhole, and catching up on much needed sleep in the form of blissful catnaps. :)

We also celebrated Paul’s B-day while there, so it was nice to share that with the family.


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